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Easter and Good Friday


Easter is Explosive

Easter weekend is about hope! Hope in Jesus is our hope for the world. There are two parts to Easter service at Living Water.

First, join us for Good Friday. On Good Friday we remember Jesus’ death for each of us on the cross. It’s a solemn and subdued service something like a memorial service. The sadness of this day brings the celebration of hope ahead. 

Easter services celebrate the joy of Jesus’ return from the dead. Jesus love for us was so great that He gave all of himself for us, going so far as to die on the cross. But Jesus had authority to lay down His life and pick it back up again; on Easter sunday, we celebrate his triumph and victory over sin. His gift to us is our hope of eternal life in Heaven, and divine power and presence on earth.   Celebrate and remember with us this Easter!

Good Friday

April 3rd 7pm, Boulevard Campus

Easter Services

April 4th at 5pm or 7pm

April 5th 10am at Century Campus. 9am, 11am, or a special new 1am service time at Boulevard campus. The 1pm service is just like the other services, but gives you a chance to grab brunch and bring a friend.


Q & A


Q: Why would I want to go to church on Easter? 

A: Easter is about hope! Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Hopeless? That you weren’t enough? Jesus brings hope to the world, hope for our future and hope for a life forever in heaven!


Q: I want to know more about Easter. What’s it all about?

A: Easter Sunday is Resurrection Sunday, the day we celebrate Jesus returning to life after death on the cross. His death purchased eternal life in Heaven for all who believe. His resurrection guarantees us triumph and victory.


Q: Church has never really been my thing. What should I expect Easter weekend? 

A: Services on Easter Sunday are celebratory, joyful, and fun! Some people dress up, and the day is full of happy faces, hope and celebration. You’ll feel it at soon as you walk in the door.    


Q: Are the services on Sunday different from Friday and Saturday? 

A: Friday is a day of remembrance. On Good Friday we remember the death of Jesus, how He loved us so much He took on our sins and died for us. This service is more subdued and solemn. Services on Saturday and Sunday are happy and hope-filled, celebrating Jesus’ resurrection and triumph over sin and shame.


Q: Is Easter serious and quiet? 

A: Easter services are bold and loud! Jesus is our everlasting hope. That's a big deal and something to get excited about!


Q: What should I wear?  

A: For some people, Easter is a time to really go all out. Easter may be that for you too, but it's not an expectation. Expect to see people in everything from bow ties and Easter bonnets to jeans and sneakers. Come dressed how you feel best. You matter! Not your clothes.