Living Water is called to bring the whole Gospel to the whole person, both here in our community, but also in our state, nation and around the world.

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Baja, Mexico

Every summer we travel to the Baja region of Mexico to work on local Foursquare churches that are in need of repair or additions. Last year we brought around 50 people and worked on three churches.


Tampico, Mexico

Spring break each year we travel to Mexico to put on a Pastors' Conference for local Foursquare pastors. We provide the opportunity for rest and renewal for all of their families. We care for their minds, bodies and souls.

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We travel to Cambodia two times every year. In January, a group of about 20 people visit to minister in the orphan homes. We spend time with the kids and pastors and work on homes. In May of each year Anthem students visit to care for the kids in the orphanages.



We support missionaries and pastors around the world that are sharing the Gospel in areas where no Christian Church exists. These people have answered the call to go into areas where anonymity is important for their physical protection.


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Molly Crabbe

Missions Pastor